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Over the years Bears by the Sea has spun off a number of Gift Web Sites. Please follow the links below and find some great Gift Buying opportunities!
Sweet Muffy Vanderbear plays dress-up with her friends and family.
Showcasing North American Bear Co. plush animals, rattles, mobiles and more.
All animals range from 27" to 90". We have almost every animal imaginable!

The Best Italian
A huge variety of italian charms including sports charms, Hello Kitty & More!
Specializing in Custom Made Gift Baskets, lotions, soaps and a variety of gifts.
A beautiful collection of wall, table, floor and bubbler fountains perfect for your home!
Featuring a collection of Picnic Baskets, Wine Totes and more great gifts!
Specially designed insulated picnic backpacks for people who love the outdoors!
Combining beautiful boxes with delicious chocolates. A candy lover's dream!
You name it, we have it! These 12" animals are bean-filled and cuddly.

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