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NABCO Valentine/Easter 2001 Catalog Photos

Candy Hearts
Candy Hearts
Muffy Sends "Sweet Talk" and "Bear Hugs" to all her "Sweet Hearts" via Lulu who delivers the candy grams with "Puppy Love".

Muffy loves heart-to-heart conversations, and she knows there can be no finer way to communicate than sending candygrams to all her Valentines. Her very own sugary-sweet sayings are printed on Muffy's "conversation heart" rompers with ribbon straps. Underneath her rompers, she wears a multi-colored, candystriper cotton blouse which buttons down the back. Her headbow is pink checked organza, and her red sandals have a candy heart inscribed with "Sweet Talk". The icing on Muffy's outfit is a heart shaped locket which can hold a secret message or photo and ties around her neck with satin ribbon.

They say giving is better than receiving and Lulu says she wouldn't mind delivering True Love Furever! Attached to her collar, she carries a heart filled Valentine inside a white felt envelope that closes with a red heart-shaped snap. Both her tan leatherette collar and leash are trimmed with pink checked ribbon, and she wears a pink checked organza headbow to match Muffy.

Never late bloomers Muffy and Hoppy create a springtime fashion fantasy sprinkling their fairy dust on flowers to turn them into "Foxgloves", "Cow Slips" and "Lady Slippers".

When you see Muffy "fluttering bye" you know that Spring fashion is right around the corner. She flies on colorful, printed, flocked butterfly wings, and navigates the garden wearing an antennaed felt cap. Her teal velour dress and matching slippers are accented with criss-cross satin ribbon ties. Iridescent organza pantaloons adn "fairy dust" wrist bag allow Muffy to shimmer along with the iridescent stars that she sprinkles with care.

Hoppy swoops over flowers on brightly printed flocked dragonfly wings. She wears a bubble dress made of shiny velour and iridescent organza. Her felt antennaed cap, velour slippers and iridescent organza "fairy dust" wrist bag filled with iridescent stars coordinate with her purple and pink outfit, and perfectly match Muffy's.

FlutterByes Tuffet

After a long day of fluttering about, Muffy or Hoppy can relax on a flower throne fit for a queen. Made of soft velboa, the flower shaped tuffet is complete with petals and green leaf. Vibrant flowers and "M" are embroidered on the seat.

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