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We have received many requests for a store catalog. In response, we have set up this page. Here, you will be able to choose from several catalogs to download directly to your computer. You may then browse through them at your leisure. What you will be downloading is a windows-based program that allows users to browse through a electronic catalog. It even has a slide show capabilities, that will cycle through the whole catalog on it's own. It has print features, and search capabilities. It is a very simple and easy to use program. We have included download instructions for those of you who haven't done much of this. We will continue to add various catalogs to this page for your downloading pleasure.

Would you like to have a catalog made for you?
We can create one of these electronic brochures on a disk for your product line or for your store. They are extremely cost-effective to produce as compared to traditional print. These inquiries should go to

These programs are for PCs only! (sorry MAC owners)

  • NABCO's Baby-safe Plush
    We have compiled this catalog from NABCO's 1997 Valentine/Easter Catalog and the 1997 Spring Plush Catalog. A recent article in American Baby Magazine featured one of NABCO's baby rattles. In response, we have created this newest downloadable catalog.
    (Download Size = 670k, Program Size = 7MB)

  • Beanie Babies 1995
    We scanned from Ty's 1995 Catalog the 5 pages of Beanie Babies that were offered in the 1995 Catalog. As a bonus we included the two "posters" of the Beanie Babies. They were actually tri-fold mailers.
    (Download Size = 560k, Program Size = 6MB)

  • Beanie Babies 1996
    Beanie babies are the hottest thing going at the moment. We have taken their latest Catalog and created a downloadable version. We have also included some information provided by Ty (Beanie Babies' creators).
    (Download Size = 620k, Program Size = 6.5MB)

  • Beanie Babies 1997
    The new Beanie Babies for 1997. Also included are picutres of the 1996 retirees.
    (Download Size = 515k, Program Size = 5MB+)

  • Picnic Time
    Picnic Time makes a complete line of picnic baskets. From high end, exquisitely appointed baskets to the check plaid interior basic hamper style, they are all here. Absolutely the best wedding presents or for that special someone, who is so difficult to buy for.
    (Download Size = 738K, Program Size = 7.9MB)

  • North American Bear Co.
    Spring 1996 Catalog
    The creators of Muffy and the VanderBear Family show off what is new in the world of Muffy. All the new releases are here. also includes all current VanderBear pieces.
    (Download Size = 1.07 MB, Program Size = 11.4MB)

Don't Know How To Download?

Minimize this page (hopefully your're using Netscape)

The following is for Windows 3.x or Windows 95 Open File Manager (Win 3.x) or Explorer (Win 95) to see if you have a directory called "temp"

If not, create one (slightly different in Windows 95) (Click on file, click on create directory) Name the directory "temp"

Close File Manager or Explorer Maximize your browser (hopefully Netscape)

Click on the catalog you wish to download

Netscape will ask you where you do you want to download the file to.

The default shown should be "C:\temp", if not, open up the "temp" directory, click on "ok",

After downloading, go back to File Manager or Explorer and open the "temp"directory, there should a file in there named "xxxxx.exe" (depending on which catalog you chose)

Double click on this file, this is a self-extracting zip file

The prompt will ask you if you want the file to unzip into the "temp" directory, yes, you do.

Click on the" Unzip" button, the file will uncompress.

After it is done unzipping, it will show you how many files unzipped, Then it will automatically run the setup file for the program installation. The setup will start installing the program

Follow the setup instructions (choose the defaults, "continue") and you're done (There is an option to install a screensaver from this program.)

You have installed a program called "Mini-Cat Run the Mini-Cat program like any other, double click on the program icon,to start it up.

After installation, you can go back and delete the files in the "temp" directory.

If you run into any problems our e-mail is