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Muffy and the VanderBear Family

Updated 2002

This is a price guide compiled by Bears by the Sea. This guide reflects an average price for what you should expect to pay for a bear in mint condition. Remember this is only a guide. These prices are not cast in stone. This is simply a way to assist you in buying and selling of these bears and accessories.

Bears by the Sea is one of the largest dealers in current and retired VanderBears. Our stock on hand of retired pieces changes constantly. If she has it in stock the guide price becomes her retail price. Bears by the Sea has been publishing this guide for over five years. We still appreciate any comments that can improve our guide. E-mail or fax us at (805) 773-5869 with any comments. All names used in this guide are copyrighted or trademarked by the North American Bear Co.

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Please be patient as the pages can take about 15 seconds to load. Our Price Guide has been broken down into the following sections: